Hard questions and Harder Answers

I am thankful for wisdom & common sense. Governor Huckabee answers a hard question in light of the heinous actions in CT this past weekend. But his answers are harder than the question…do we really want answers? Do we want to look into the mirror Gov. Huckabee puts up for us? Dare we as a society honestly consider what we might see?

Don’t be questioning/blaming God when evil happens if you don’t want Him in your public forum.



Confirmation of Compassion and Witness for Wisdom

I am thankful for the Compassion and Wisdom displayed by numerous professional in yesterday’s School shooting.

For the teacher who told the children that the reason for all the hullabaloo at the school was because “a wild animal found its way in the school (no lie there, imVho), and the police officer(s) who told the children to hold the shoulders in front of them and walk out with their eyes closed to avoid seeing the carnage.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I spent some time working with abuse victims. Trauma can be compounded or averted by the (un)timely word spoken to a vulnerable person by someone they trust. As it is written, “The tongue has the power of life and death.” (Pr 18:21). Many of these children might be “traumatized” not so much by the actions they personally witnessed (as those relative few in the classrooms with the shooter) but by the actions and words of those adults around them. The kids themselves might or might not have seen anything. They might or might not have the capacity to understand what happened. They definitely have the ability to take their cues from those around them. Should those trusted adults pretend nothing happened? Hardly. Even if the survivors are prohibited from attending funerals and memorials, at the very least they will wonder what happened to their classmates. Should said adults seek counsel from the professionals who have worked with similar situations? Absolutely. Should they love on those kids? (Does that even need a rhetorical response?)

Much honor and respect, KUDOS, to that teacher and officer for not only doing something positive in a crisis, but doing a great thing under duress. Maybe the officer had some training. Maybe not. Pretty sure this was never covered in the teacher’s in-service training.

Let’s just say I’m not thinking such good thoughts about the media…vultures…who felt it necessary to interrogate any of the kids and the parents. невоспитанный