Dealers for an ebook junkie…

Kindle BuffetI am thankful for Kindle Buffet–a service that provides me with a daily dose of free ebooks, in genres I have chosen.

The real drawback is that I’ve accumulated quite a number & need to actually read them…that and finding storage on my tablet is beginning to be a consideration. Fortunately, as the name indicates, they are all Kindle friendly, so primary storage is in the Kindle Cloud.

Of course, I have both my tablet w/ Kindle Reader and my laptop w/ Kindle Cloud on which to enjoy these treats.



Ebooks II

I am thankful for the ebook finding sites that allow me to discover different authors & titles, usually for free, generally for my Kindle® apps. I was going to write that I have “more ebooks than I know what to do with…” but that’s a blatant lie. I know exactly what to do with them. The question is…uh, the questions are: which one? and When?

Especially when there are several that I want to re-read. Re-acquaint myself with old friends. Or not so old friends, as the case may be. I might have to consider actually doing something with my Goodreads account…




I am thankful for books. Especially the electronic kind. I have Kindle® apps on my tablet and laptop and have been working diligently to replace all the hard copy goodies I have, or have had.

I’m a bibliophile. Yep, love books. There have been times in the past when I’d get a paycheck and pass a book store and the internal fight would immediately begin: Books…rent…books…groceries…boooks….

The rent always got paid. Have to have a place for the books, no? Sometimes the grocery bill was a bit lower than usual.

But that’s a good thing, right?