Foodie Friday: Broccoli, shaken not stirred (except in a wok)

I am thankful for broccoli. It has a huge assortment of vitamins (C, for example), minerals (selenium) and healthy bits in it (dietary fiber, and some anti-cancer thingies). And it is tasty, despite what President Bush said.

Whether steamed, boiled, microwaved, stir fried or raw, it brings a vibrant color to the table; usually dark green in the States, but can be white or purple. Purple-ish. Generally speaking, the longer it’s cooked, the more healthy bits are leached out of it, especially when boiling. And a bit of crunch makes for a more interesting meal. imVho.

Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family, along with kale, collard greens, cauliflower, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, Chinese broccoli, rapini or broccoli rabe, and of course, cabbage, regardless of type. And, as Wikipedia informs me, a type of turnip.

It is not, however, even remotely related to Cubby or James Bond. Cubby did claim one of his uncles brought the first broccoli seeds to America in the 1870s but Thomas Jefferson had broccoli growing in his garden over a half century earlier. Probably next to the hemp…



I am thankful Kollagen® “sprinkles”. Again. Yet another toe wound. Yet another toe wound healing superbly because of the sprinkles. A tiny dab of first aid ointment so the sprinkles have something to stick to & cover with a 2×2 & tape.

Even my doctor was impressed with how clean it looked.



I am thankful for my friend Larry. He’s dealing with cancer and dealing well–not so much physically, although the treatments are do the job thus far, and he’s handling the horrible side effects decently–but particularly regarding his attitude and perspective.

You see, he believes. And because he’s a believer, even though he would be thrilled to be miraculously healed, his major concern is that he act in a manner that glorifies God, regardless of  his physical health.

And that, I believe, delights Jesus tremendously. It is definitely a wonder to me.


Mirror, Mirror

I am thankful for mirrors. I have a long handled mirror with which I can see the bottoms of my feet & toes. Very handy when monitoring the healing of said digits. Plastic & mylar reflective surfaces. One side is “normal” and one magnifying. Very helpful.

When I actually use it. Which I have. Lately.


I am thankful that I was able to sit for my entire shift today in an effort to keep the damage to my blistered toe to a minimum while still getting things done. The difference in the pain levels in my leg (stress & “displaced pain”) today and Sunday are amazing.

My only concern is: how long will I need to do that till my toe heals up?


A Breath of Fresh Air

I am thankful for air to breathe and the ability to breathe it.

It is a time of year when the weather is wonky and so is people’s health. Lots of colds, congestion, and the like making the rounds. I don’t seem to have anything (usually when a bug bites me, the bug dies) but I have been having a bit of a challenge finding the right humidity setting on my CPAP–not enough and my throat dries out, too much and the water condenses around my face inside my mask. So I’m a bit more conscious of the process of late.

I remember having a deep bronchitis or cold of some kind nearly 20 years ago now. Suffice it to say that if coughing like that is a symptom of TB, I understand why it was called Consumption. Not something I’d ever what to experience again. Like kidney stones. But that’s another story.

Obviously, since I use a CPAP, sleep apnea is a factor in my life. Yeah, the ability to breathe may not always be at the forefront of my consciousness, but it’s never buried too deep either.


Quick Snack Foods

I am thankful cor squeeze tube fruit sauces that do not require refrigeration, are gluten free, and are about 15+/- grams of carbs.

Just treated an episode of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Very nasty when they sneak up on you when you’re snoozin’. I wake up panicky and tend to over eat trying to compensate for the low sugar, resulting in a HYPERglycemic problem (too much sugar)–or maybe that’s hypoinsulemia (not enough insulin). In any case, the yoyo effect regarding blood sugar tends to be physically painful and generally makes me feel crappy the next day until balance is restored.

Having gluten free, precounted carb alternatives right at hand really help in potentially dangerous situations like this.

Unfortunately, it’s been so long since I’ve had to treat a mid-night sugar low, I ended up over indulging anyway. That hypoglycemic panic is tremendously hard to counter out of a sound sleep. Today could be a long, no so fun day.