Dealers for an ebook junkie…

Kindle BuffetI am thankful for Kindle Buffet–a service that provides me with a daily dose of free ebooks, in genres I have chosen.

The real drawback is that I’ve accumulated quite a number & need to actually read them…that and finding storage on my tablet is beginning to be a consideration. Fortunately, as the name indicates, they are all Kindle friendly, so primary storage is in the Kindle Cloud.

Of course, I have both my tablet w/ Kindle Reader and my laptop w/ Kindle Cloud on which to enjoy these treats.



Ebooks II

I am thankful for the ebook finding sites that allow me to discover different authors & titles, usually for free, generally for my Kindle® apps. I was going to write that I have “more ebooks than I know what to do with…” but that’s a blatant lie. I know exactly what to do with them. The question is…uh, the questions are: which one? and When?

Especially when there are several that I want to re-read. Re-acquaint myself with old friends. Or not so old friends, as the case may be. I might have to consider actually doing something with my Goodreads account…




I am thankful for ebooks. Kindle variants especially. I used to have thousands of books, both hard and paperback. Now there are maybe a hundred left in my hardcopy collection. I’ve been replacing them with electronic versions: pdt, doc, rtf, lit, epub, etc.

Especially etc.

I found an awesome program called Calibre, that will eventually help me catalog my goodies and sort them. Got started and it’s turning out to be a bit more complex–OK, just time consuming–than I had anticipated. And with the number of projects and things that need to happen prior to leaving to teach, it just isn’t the priority it was.

I’m just so happy that Ebooks can come with me on the plane and so on. Boredom is never a problem.

Picking just one book to read is sometimes challenging. Yeah, first world whining.