My Spiritual Coat of Arms


Shield: Azure, a fess argent, two groups of three mullets gules, a sword hilt-most proper surrounded by a wreath closed vert in dexter chief, a sword proper piercing a heart of the third in middle chief, a compass rose with a fleur-de-lis of the second sinister chief, a closed bible in dexter base, hands in prayer couped in middle base, a pitcher in a bowl with towel in sinister base, a storm cloud with two bolts of lightning resembling a capital “R” in fess point proper.

Crest: From a torse of the colors a dove.

Motto: A stacked bipartite scroll argent doubled azure inscribed Lente Vivere Coram Deo sable. Inscription translated is: Live Deliberately in the Presence of God

Supporters: A lion passant guardant langued and armed of the third with a crown of the fourth and a paschal lamb proper.


Shield: This represents the Shield of Faith (Ep 6). Blue speaks of loyalty and strength. The fess is the Belt of Truth (ibid). Silver/white speaks of peace and sincerity. The two sets of red stars stand for the divine gift of friends or brothers-in-arms (Pr ). The red here points to the military. The emblems under the fess are foundational: Scripture, Supplication, and Service. As followers of Christ, we are called to read the Bible, to pray continually, and to serve others. The Book, closed, speaks of counsel. The emblems above the fess include a Sword and wreath (The sword speaks of justice and the Sword of the Spirit (Eph 6), the three points of the handle represent three of the main defining points of Godly Manhood [per Robert Lewis’ Men’s Fraternity series]: 1) He Rejects Passivity, 2) He Accepts Responsibility, 3) He Leads Courageously. The Wreath is then the fourth point: 4) He Expects God’s Greater Reward. Traditionally, the sword was the warrior’s chief weapon; spiritually, we must ever recall that we do not fight against flesh and blood. (Eph 6) The wreath is the crown of the victor and green is the traditional color of hope), the pierced heart or Sorrow (meaning that sorrow and pain are a part of life and not to be avoided but rather acknowledged, and also pictorially reminding us that we must Die to Live). And the compass or Survey (meaning that we must routinely inspect our lives and our direction in life to determine if we are staying true to the Path to which we have been called). It is our spiritual compass. The Fleur-de-lis atop the compass is a nod to the influence of Scouting in character development. Traditionally, it also represents purity. The red heart traditionally means love, sincerity and honor.

Centered in the shield is a rebus (a pictorial pun) for the family name: Storm R

Helm: The helm assigned to Kings and Princes of the Blood Royal, is full-faced (confronter), composed of gold, with the beauvoir divided by six projecting bars (six being the number of man and hence, imperfection), and lined with crimson (The Blood by which we are saved and empowered to overcome that imperfection). As co-heirs with Christ, we become Princes of the Most Royal Blood. This adoption is further symbolized by the gold link chain.

Crest: The Holy Spirit Who indwells. God Immanent.

The motto is a self explanatory exhortation.

The supporters are the Lion of Judah: stands for the Old Testament and the Righteousness and Holiness of God the Father. The Lamb of God: stands for the New Testament and the Mercy and Grace of God the Son. Traditionally, the lion represents courage, the lamb gentleness, and the dove purity.

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