Why ‘Attitude Adjustment’?

(Lifted from the Obligatory Initial Post)

1) Giving thanks. A couple of years ago, I was challenged at the beginning of November to post things for which I was thankful, leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. (Along with a boatload of other folks.) I thought developing an “attitude of gratitude” would be a good thing. Turned out I was right. It was such a good thing, that I continued the practice for months after the challenge “officially” ended. The practice did wonderful things to my worldview. Sadly, like many actions that are not deliberately pursued, it eventually faded with time. Even more sadly (Even more sad? Sadder?) as the posting dwindled, so did my attitude of gratitude, while a generalized feeling of … anger? dissatisfaction? grew.

I definitely do not like the change. I determined to re-create the attitude of gratitude I once had.

2) Giving to Others. Other folks seemed to be blessed with those “I am thankful for…” posts on Facebook, even though I frankly didn’t do it for them, and said as much on several occasions (replies to comments). Making “Giving to Others” as deliberate a discipline as giving thanks seems to be a good idea.

Hence this blog.

I had other reasons for beginning a blog, but after getting started here on WP & seeing how easy it is, I may keep this blog focused on giving thanks and on giving to others, and set up other blogs for other purposes; I like order & organization. I may combine them because I like simplicity, yet another kind of discipline I need to develop to fight inherent chaos. Probably fodder for another set of posts.

The experiment has begun.

We’ll see what happens.

So there’s the full explanation.

For those that don’t have time for ‘splain, here’s the summup: Discipline. Growth. Change.


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