I was recently challenged to put my thoughts and perspectives in a blog as a legacy.

You may note that this site was started several years ago and lay dormant for 8 years.

There’s more about that and my “blogging philosophy” on the About page.

I am pondering whether I should finish the posts I had set up as drafts 8 years ago; if I should keep any of those published, or delete the lot and start fresh.

Right now, I’m leaning toward leaving them (and finishing them w/ the draft dates) primarily as a reminder to myself that the main reasons I’m doing this in the first place are leaving a legacy (kinda obvious) and developing discipline.

I’ve been told by a wide variety of folks that I write well (whatever *that* means) and have learned a thing or three that should be shared.

So here I am.

I’m also considering expanding into vlogging and podcasting. To me, they are simply riffs off whatever I write. I do not think well on my feet. So I’d be using a script regardless of medium. I’ll probably start w/ just the blog and expand as I feel I have the resources to do so.

My health journey is being documented (blogged) on There, you will be able to see why I might or might not do the video or audio.

I’m kind of interested in the video, particularly getting into TikTok or Shorts or whatever the shorter video formats might be. Time limits would be very helpful in keeping me from running down every rabbit trail I stumble on and help me focus on what’s truly important: jump right in and do it…whatever “it” happens to be.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on starting on Youtube, but not their new shorter formats. Nor have I really looked into TT much at all.

And of course, I’ll likely cheat by simply ripping the audio for podcasting…at least as I get started w/ it.

Of course, much will depend on responses. As you’ll see from the CaringBridge stuff, there are fewer resources readily available to invest in this kind of thing, so I need to have some idea of what the ROI might be.

I’m already cheating though; I already know there is one person who will be checking in and getting something from all this.

As is said and sung at Passover, Dayenu! It would be (is) enough!

This is for you, son.

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